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Paychek provides complete payroll solutions. Here at Paychek, we adhere to the needs of individual employers and provide tailor made packages to suit your needs.

Paychek offers an outstanding and competitively priced solution for all your payroll needs, our managed payroll services are designed to relieve you of the burden, of keeping on top of payroll legislation, rules and regulations.

We provide expert payroll administration and processing, yet a flexible approach allows you, the client, to specify the level of service preferred to embrace both your operational and business needs. The company's philosophy has always been to pursue a policy of partnership with our clients and suppliers to gain a reputation for the highest standards of quality and service.

There are no parameters to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our experience and ability gives Paychek the edge in terms of reliability and above all flexibility. Flexibility that enables Paychek to provide a first class payroll solution.

This functionality gives an insight to the users regarding the visual effects of the actual reports. All the reports here have been uploaded for "DEMO COMPANY". Please find a panel named "Demo Reports" on the extreme left hand side for furthur details.